About Us
Doesn’t everyone dream of looking young and fresh for ever?
Now it is possible, thanks to the first laboratory for handmade cosmetics, started up in the heart of the Cilento Park.

Using their passion for cosmetics, the Docri Body laboratory have been able to create Linea Parco, combining the abundance of natural flora with traditions of Cilento.
The line is composed of treatments for cleansing and care of the face and body: a complete range of products which exploits scientifically the heritage of local flora.

The Parco del Cilento’s extra virgin olive oil is the main active ingredient of the line. The ancient Egyptians used olive oil in natural cosmetics on account of its highly emollient and softening properties.

The formula is enriched by active principles of officinal plants which are typical of the Mediterranean maquis: borage, helichrysum, calendula, sweet almond, myrtle and broom.

As a brand guarantee and to ensure product quality, Docri Body has collaborated with organisations and experts in the fields of phytotherapy and cosmetics such as: the University of Salerno’s Pharmacy Department, the herbal expert Pasquale La Palomenta and the cosmetologist Matteo Zanotti Russo.

Dermatological tests on the product line were carried out by the University of Ferrara.

A moment to yourself of beauty, wellbeing and relaxation, being pampered by nature, is certainly not an impossible dream.

Francesco Maria de Feo
Brand Awareness, Docri Body.